about us

qbaqala is a one stop shop for all grocery needs in Qatar. 
Customers can place their grocery orders by selecting from various items in the app. 
Local shops constantly view your orders to deliver them to you as soon as possible.

qbaqla and qbaqala shopkeeper apps are operated by Amay Technologies W.L.L. company created under the Law of Qatar, and registered under number CR 154977, with principal place of business at (Doha, Al Sana Street, Zone 26, Street 882, Building No 2), Qatar.

privacy policy

qBaqala takes privacy of its customers and its clients very seriously. As we are all aware that, in this modern world of constant vulnerabilities and insecurities, none can gurantee 100% security, however, we try our best to keep your information as secure as possible.

Your personal information like name and mobile number you provide on the app resides in our secured database indefinitely. Your data is prevented from any form of unauthorize use at all times.
We constantly keep improving security of your data on the app by taking necessary measures to safeguard against any form of potential threat.

Should you feel that your information stored with us is incorrect or incomplete or you would like us to remove your information from our database, please contact us immediately so we can take the necessary step.

qbaqala does not share any personal or transactional data with any thrid party or agency. 
Using any data from qbaqala platform without our knowledge and permission for any purpose by any individual or instituition will be considered as a breach of privacy and data protection law and appropriate actions will be taken against it.